Getting started as an admin

Refer to this section if you are a CDP admin who is trying to get started in CDP.

Accessing CDP for the first time

Access the CDP web interface at (if your CDP account was created in the Control Plane region us-west-1) or https://console.<control-plane-region> (if your CDP account was created in any other Control Plane region). When logging in for the first time, log in by using your MyCloudera credentials.

Trying out a CDP quick start

If you would like to quickly set up CDP for evaluation purposes, you can use our AWS Quick Start, Azure Quick Start, or Google Cloud Quick Start.

Reviewing cloud provider requirements

You should review the cloud provider requirements for setting up a CDP environment:

Installing CDP CLI

You can install and configure CDP CLI. See CLI client setup.

Setting up Identity provider

In order to add users from your organization to CDP, set up your identity provider. For instructions, refer to Onboarding users.

Registering an environment

Register an environment for your organization. An environment determines the specific cloud provider region and virtual network in which resources can be provisioned, and includes the credential that should be used to access the cloud provider account. For instructions, refer to AWS environments, Azure environments, or Google Cloud environments documentation.

Assigning users or groups to your environment

Once your environment is up and running, you should assign users or groups to the environment and then perform user sync. For instructions, refer to Enabling admin and user access to environments.

Onboarding users and groups for cloud storage

The minimal setup for cloud storage defined in environment prerequisites spins up a CDP environment and Data Lake with no end user access to cloud storage. Adding users and groups to a CDP cluster involves ensuring they are properly mapped to IAM roles to access cloud storage. For instructions, refer to:

Setting up Ranger authorization for your Data Lake

Once your environment is up and running, you should log in to Ranger and create policies for access to specific tables and databases. You can either log in to Hive first and create resources and then create policies for them in Ranger, or you can create Ranger policies in advance.

For instructions on how to access your Data Lake cluster, refer to Accessing Data Lake services. For instructions on how to set up authorization in Ranger, refer to Using Ranger to provide authorization documentation.

Provisioning compute resources

After performing these steps, you are set to start provisioning compute resources (Data Hub clusters, Data Warehouses, and so on). For more information, refer to the following documentation:

Registering your existing clusters

You can optionally register your existing CDH and HDP clusters in CDP if you would like to generate a workload, data movement, and compute capacity plan and replicate your data. For instructions, refer to Managing classic clusters.