CDP Public Cloud: July 2021 Release Summary

Data Catalog

Data Catalog introduces the following changes:

  • Creating classifications on the search page or on the classification widget.
  • Updated in-help documentation for multiple components in the UI.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization introduces the following changes:

  • Data Visualization is available as a Machine Learning Runtime for Cloudera Machine Learning (CML) on CDP. For more information, see the ML runtime documentation.
  • Natural Language Search (NLS) is now generally available. You can speed up visual creation and data analysis insights by enabling search-based data exploration. For more information, see the NLS documentation.
  • [Tech Preview] A new data connection type is available in technical preview: you can connect to SQL Stream Builder (SSB), an integrated job management interface. SSB is a part of Cloudera Streaming Analytics powered by Apache Flink. For more information on SSB, see the Introduction to SQL Stream Builder.

Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse introduces the following changes:

Impala Debug Web UIs are now available in CDW

You can now use the Impala debug web UIs in CDW, which map to equivalent debug web UIs in Cloudera Manager. For more information about this feature, see Use the Web UI to debug Impala Virtual Warehouses.

Auto-scaling demos have been disabled

Due to critical security issues discovered in the auto-scaling demo components, the demo has been disabled.

CDW UI improvements

Error messages and UI labels have been enhanced for readability and usefulness.

Improvements in the CDP CLI

The CDP CLI commands for creating and deleting an environment, and for creating and deleting a Virtual Warehouse, include all options available in the UI.

Auto-shutdown of Impala coordinators for cost saving

When you create a Virtual Warehouse, you can configure Impala coordinators to automatically shutdown during idle periods. You can also set a delay before the coordinator shuts down. For more information, see Configuring Impala coordinator shutdown.

Management Console

Management Console introduces the following changes:

FreeIPA HA repair

FreeIPA HA repair is now available for all newly created AWS and Azure environments in CDP. When running in high-availability mode, the identity management system runs multiple instances of FreeIPA on separate hosts. In case of failure, you can now repair failed hosts using the CDP command-line within one week of a node failing. For more information, see Repair a FreeIPA instance.

“Don’t create public IPs” option was renamed

The Don’t create public IPs option available during Azure and GCP environment registration was renamed to Create public IPs and is enabled by default.

Updated quick starts

The AWS, Azure, and GCP quick starts have been updated to include the optional FreeIPA Backup Location Base introduced in a recent release: