Ports for Replication Manager on CDP Public Cloud

You must open certain ports on the CDH source host to allow communication between the source on-premises cluster and CDP.

Connectivity required Default Port Type Description Required for the following replication scenarios
Data transfer from CDH cluster hosts to AWS S3 80 or 443 (TLS) Outbound Outgoing port. All CDH nodes must be able to access S3 endpoints HDFS to Cloud replication (S3 Target) Hive Replication
Cloudera Manager Admin Console HTTP 7180 or 7183 when TLS enabled Inbound Incoming port. Open on the source cluster to enable the target Cloudera Manager (in cloud) to communicate to the on-premises Cloudera Manager. Hive Replication (Not applicable for HDFS migration)
Classic cluster setup (if using Replication Manager App) Varies based on CCMv1 (6000-6049) or CCMv2 (443) Outbound

Connecting the source CDH cluster to the CDP Management Console via Cluster Connectivity Manager (CCM)

Outbound network access for CCM documented here and CCM overview is documented here
Required when using the Replication Manager UI/App