Unbanning hdfs user in HDP cluster

The hdfs user must be unbanned and allowed full access to the HDP cluster.

Procedure to unban the hdfs user.
  1. Remove the hdfs entry from the following file, from line banned.users on the ambari-server host.
    The updated file contents are as follows






  2. Check the YARN service configuration on Ambari UI for ‘container-executor configuration template’ configuration. Ensure that the hdfs user is not mentioned in the banned.users on the ambari-server host. If it is still present, remove it from the configuration, save the changes and restart stale services.
  3. Restart ambari-server. On the ambari-server host, execute the following command:
    service ambari-server restart
  4. Restart ambari-agent. On each ambari-agent host of the cluster, execute the following command:
    service ambari-agent restart
  5. Add hdfs user in YARN ACLs configuration by editing
  6. Allow hdfs user to submit YARN jobs by editing the following configuration
  7. Restart the YARN service in the Ambari UI.