HBase replication policies

You can replicate HBase data using HBase replication or you can create an HBase replication policy. An HBase replication policy replicates the data at table-level granularity. After you create a HBase replication policy, you can delete one or more tables from the policy.

Initial snapshot

When you create a replication policy you can choose the Perform Initial Snapshot option to migrate the data that existed before you created the replication policy and the data that is generated after you create the policy. When you do not choose the option, the policy migrates only the data that is generated after you created the policy.

For example, suppose you have two tables named Orders and Customers in the source cluster and you want to copy the data from these tables from March 1, 2021 onwards. To accomplish this task, you create an HBase replication policy without choosing the Perform Initial Snapshot option in the Create Replication Policy wizard on March 1, 2021. The data that you create, update, or delete in the source cluster after you created the policy is automatically replicated to the target cluster.