CDP Public Cloud: February 2021 Release Summary

Cloudera is pleased to announce the latest updates to CDP Public Cloud.


  • Operational Database is now Generally Available on AWS and Azure
  • Data Warehouse now has a Reduced Permissions Mode on AWS, along with significant improvements for performance, upgrades and access control
  • Machine Learning now includes Applied ML Prototypes, which provide end-to-end ML use cases that can be deployed with one click
  • Data Visualization includes improvements to usability, job scheduling and customization
  • Management Console improvements include interactive login mode for CLI, User Delete and Log Anonymization
  • SDX improves support for Edge2AI Lineage
  • [Tech Preview] Data Catalog adds a Hybrid Cloud mode, allowing you browse and search metadata in a CDP Private Cloud Base cluster

New Or Updated Capabilities


Operational Database

  • Cloudera Operational Database (COD) is now Generally Available on AWS and Azure GA on AWS & Azure

  • Cloudera Operational Database empowers developers to automate and simplify database management with capabilities like auto-scale, auto-heal, and auto-tune.

Data Warehouse

  • Reduced Permission Mode for AWS

    • This feature allows admins to activate CDW environments in AWS using their own user credentials and not need to provide elevated permissions to the cross-account role.

    • When CDW detects that the cross-account role does not have elevated permissions, it shows a “Launch-stack” button in the CDW activation UI.

    • This allows security admins to adhere to principle of least privilege and give cross account role minimum required permissions to manage VWs and DB Catalogs.

Data Visualization

  • Job Scheduling and Customization

    • Email jobs can now be customized or changed post-creation, making it easy to change the send schedule, add additional recipients, or update the messaging to accompany a dashboard.
  • Usability Improvements

    • Improvements and bug fixes for data connections, removal of temporary files, SQL visuals, CSV/Excel downloads and importing visual artifacts.

Machine Learning

  • Applied ML Prototypes

    • Applied ML Prototypes (AMPs) are officially launched with brand new Prototypes inside the product, which provide end-to-end projects to help kickstart real customer use cases. The latest AMPs include Deep Learning for Question Answering, Explaining Models with LIME and SHAP, Active Learning, and MLFlow Tracking, totaling to a dozen prototypes made available through our Fast Forward Labs team.
  • Jupyter Notebook Previews

    • Notebook files are now able to be viewed without starting a Jupyter Notebook session. This enables Data Scientists to view the results of the latest run of the Notebook very quickly and without having to consume additional compute on the workspace.

Data Catalog

  • [Tech Preview] Hybrid Data Catalog - Browse CDP-PVC Base contents

    • Enables the Data Catalog to browse and search metadata in a CDP Private Cloud Base cluster just as if it were another CDP Public Cloud environment.


  • Edge2AI lineage - Nifi → S3 → ETL → MLOps

    • Starting with CDP Runtime 7.2.7, NiFi flows putting files to S3 and ADLSv2 have lineage automatically connected with Hive table based etl automatically and out of the box.

Management Console

  • User Delete

    • CDP administrators now have the ability to delete users in CDP through both the user interface and the CLI.

    • Deleting a user removes all access keys and SSH keys associated with the user, unassigns all roles and resource roles and removes the user from all groups that they belong to.

  • Interactive login for CDP CLI and CDP SDK

    • If you would prefer that user access to the CLI/SDK is shorter-lived, you can use the “interactive” method of logging into the CDP CLI/SDK.

    • The interactive method integrates with any SAML-compliant external identity provider

  • Anonymization and Redaction of Logs

    • CDP includes a set of default anonymization rules and allows you to define custom anonymization rules in order to remove sensitive information from CDP logs

Full release documentation including release notes for each service is available here (Service Name → Release Notes → What’s New).