Terraform module for deploying CDP

The Terraform Modules for CDP Prerequisites on AWS and Azure contain Terraform resource files and example variable definition files for creating the prerequisite cloud provider resources required for deploying CDP. These modules use the official Terraform Providers for AWS or Azure, both maintained by Hashicorp. They include a VPC/VNet configured with public and private subnets according to the network deployment pattern specified, data and log buckets/containers for the CDP environment, and a number of AWS IAM roles and policies or Azure managed identities to enable fine-grained permissions for access to the CDP Control Plane and AWS/Azure services.

Furthermore, the Terraform Module for CDP Deployment is used to create a CDP credential and deploy a CDP environment and a Data Lake.

The aforementioned modules support the network deployment patterns described in CDP deployment pattern definitions below and are coupled with the CDP Quickstart Terraform Module that we provide for simplifying end-to-end setup including both the cloud prerequisites and the CDP services.

The following diagram illustrates the hierarchy of modules and providers used by the onboarding automation tooling (AWS is used as an example):

In our Deploy CDP using Terraform onboarding guides, we use these modules to quickly deploy CDP.