Support matrix for CDP Public Cloud Replication Manager

You can use Replication Manager or other alternate replication methods to replicate HDFS, Hive external tables, and HBase data between on-premises clusters (CDH clusters, CDP Private Cloud Base clusters, HDP clusters) and CDP Public Cloud (Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure ADLS Gen2 (ABFS)) clusters. Replication Manager from HDP clusters to CDP Public Cloud Azure is a beta feature and is not available for general use.

See the other sections in this topic for the supported cluster and runtime versions.

Replication Manager provides the following functionalities that you can use to accomplish your data replication goals:
  • HDFS replication policies replicate HDFS data and metadata from:
    • on-premises clusters (CDH, CDP Private Cloud Base, and HDP) to cloud storage.
    • cloud storage to classic clusters (CDH or CDP Private Cloud Base clusters).

    You can choose the frequency during policy creation to replicate the data.

  • Hive replication policies support table-level replication and can replicate Hive external tables from on-premises clusters (CDH and CDP Private Cloud Base) to cloud storage and to Data Hubs. They also can:
    • replicate data stored in Hive tables, Hive metadata, data in Hive metastore, and Impala metadata (catalog server metadata) associated with Impala tables registered in the Hive metastore, and
    • migrate Sentry permissions to Ranger.

      You can choose the frequency during policy creation to replicate the data.

  • HBase replication policies replicate HBase data from a source classic cluster (CDH or CDP Private Cloud Base cluster), COD, or Data Hub to a target Data Hub or COD cluster. You can also copy or replicate HBase data between different environments within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using these policies.
    Table 1. Supported cluster and runtime versions for HBase replication policies
    Source Cluster Type Lowest Supported Source CDH/CDP Version Lowest Supported Source Cloudera Manager Version Target Cluster Type Lowest Supported Target CDP Version Lowest Supported Target Cloudera Manager Version
    CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.6* 7.3.1 Data Hub 7.2.14 7.6.0
    CDH 6.3.3 7.3.1 Data Hub 7.2.14 7.6.0
    CDH 5.16.2 7.4.4 (patch-5017) COD (AWS) 7.2.14 -
    CDH 5.16.2
    • 7.6.1 (patch-5610)
    • 7.6.7 CHF1 and higher
    COD (Azure) 7.2.14 -
    COD (AWS/Azure) 7.2.14 - COD (AWS/Azure) 7.2.14 -
    COD (GCP) 7.2.16 - COD (GCP) 7.2.16
    *CDP Private Cloud Base 7.1.6 and higher clusters must be Kerberos enabled to use them as source classic clusters in an HBase replication policy.

    HBase replication policies replicate all the data from the specified tables and then continue to replicate the changed data automatically without user intervention.