Overview page

When you click Replication Manager on the CDP Public Cloud web interface, the Overview page appears. The page provides a snapshot of the Replication Manager service. It provides insights into issues and updates related to various entities and resources through dashboards like classic clusters, replication policies, and so on.

The following panels appear on the Overview page:
  • Classic Clusters - Tracks the total number of clusters enabled for Replication Manager, the number of clusters that are in an error state, the number of clusters that are active, and the number of clusters for which a warning is issued.
  • Policies - Tracks the number of replication policies that are in use and their status.
  • Jobs - Tracks the total number of running and failed jobs and their status in Replication Manager.
  • Issues & Updates - Lists the replication policies that have running jobs with at least one job in Failed status in the most recent ten jobs. If you do not see any policy, it indicates that the last ten jobs of all the replication policies were successful.

Click Create Policy to create a replication policy.