CDP user management system

CDP Management Console includes a user management system that allows you to integrate your identity provider and manage user access to CDP resources.

During the initial setup of a Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) subscription, Cloudera designates a user account as a CDP account administrator. A CDP account administrator has all privileges and can perform any task in CDP. Administrators can create other CDP administrators by assigning the PowerUser role to users. CDP administrators can also register environments and create Data Lake clusters.

CDP administrators can create users and groups and then assign roles and resource roles to users or groups. The CDP Management Console also enables CDP administrators to federate access to CDP by configuring an external identity provider. CDP users can include users corresponding to an actual living person within the organization or machine users.

In addition to the SSO credentials mentioned above, CDP uses another set of credentials that must be used for accessing some CDP components (for example accessing Data Hub clusters via SSH).

To access to the CDP CLI or SDK, each user must have an API access key and private key. Each user must generate this key pair using the Management Console, and CDP creates a credentials file based on the API access key. When you use the CDP CLI or SDK, CDP uses the credentials file to get the cluster connection information and verify your authorization.

For more information, refer to the following documentation: