Accelerate Your Migration to CDP with Workload Manager or Workload XM

Overview of how Workload Manager and Workload XM can accelerate your migration from legacy CDH and HDP to CDP by reducing migration risks.

As part of your migration best practices, it is important to perform an in-depth analysis of your workloads before migrating to CDP. Workload Manager and Workload XM enable you to interactively understand your existing workloads, clusters, and resources. The wide range of metrics (collected by Telemetry Publisher or Databus Producer) and health tests help you identify and troubleshoot issues and the prescriptive guidance and recommendations help you quickly address and optimize those problems before or after migration. Finally, the performance baseline feature and historical analysis helps you identify and address performance problems and compare a workload’s performance before and after your migration.

The following steps describe the tasks that you perform to plan and accelerate your migration to CDP. These steps provide you with an in-depth knowledge to make migration decisions by enabling you to identify which workloads are good candidates for cloud migration, plan which workloads, queries, and jobs require optimization and whether optimization is performed before or after migration, and identify and address performance problems by establishing baselines from health issues that will also enable a performance comparison of your workloads from before and after your migration:

  • Identify current and potential issues and the priority in which your workloads are migrated from your legacy platform to a CDP form factor. This includes:
    • Monitoring and identifying issues in your existing clusters and recording their historical analysis.
    • Analyzing your existing resource consumption and resource contentions.
    • Identifying rogue users and resource hungry workloads.
  • Plan which workloads, jobs, and queries require optimization and whether optimization is performed before or after migration.
  • Enable a before and after migration workload performance comparison by capturing performance baselines.