Migration prerequisites

You need to know the prerequisites for migrating Sentry policies from CDH to CDP.

You must meet the following general prerequisites before starting the migration process:

  • AWS is your Cloud provider. Migrating to Azure / GCP is currently not supported.
  • The source and target migration clusters must be running the following supported versions:
    • Source cluster: CDH 5.16, CDH 6.3
    • Target cluster: CDP 7.2.15 or higher
  • You can log in as the admin user to Cloudera Manager in the CDH cluster.
  • You must have SUDO or ROOT access to perform the migration process.
  • CDH clusters must have been created using Cloudera Manager. Clusters that are not managed by Cloudera Manager cannot be registered to CDP.
  • Create an external account on the CDH cluster that has non-expiring access credentials and secret key pair.
  • Your source cluster supports compatible versions of Cloudera Manager and Cloudera Runtime shown in the following table:
    Source cluster Earliest supported Cloudera Manager Earliest supported Cloudera Runtime
    CDH 5 6.3.0 5.1.0
    CDH 6 6.3.0 6.1.0
    CDH 6 7.3.1 6.3.3

Specifically note that:

  • Your CDH cluster is registered on the CDP Management Console. For more information, see Adding a CDH cluster.
  • Open communication ports between the source CDH cluster and CDP list.
  • When you create databases, you must assign valid roles for tables and grant adequate permissions as well. And the same applies to Kafka.