Configuring CDP client

After you generate the access key, go to the command line and run the following commands to configure the CDP client.

  1. On the command line, run the following command to configure the client with the access key:
    cdp configure
  2. Enter the following information at the prompt:
    1. CDP Access key. Copy and paste the access key ID that you generated in the Management Console.
    2. CDP Private key. Copy and paste the private key that you generated in the Management Console.

    The configuration utility creates the following file to store your user credentials:

  3. To verify that the credentials were created correctly, run the following command:
    cdp iam get-user

    The command displays your CDP client credentials.

  4. Optionally, configure the CDP client to use the correct Control Plane region. In the ~/.cdp/config file, set the Control Plane region as follows:
    cdp_region = <CONTROL_PLANE_REGION>

    For example: cdp_region = eu-1

    The CDP CLI chooses the endpoint URL in the following order:

    1. The endpoint-url from the command line or config file
    2. The --cdp-region argument from the command line (for example: cdp iam get-user --cdp-region eu-1
    3. The cdp_region from the ~/.cdp/config file
    4. Default to us-west-1

    For more information about Control Plane regions, see CDP Control Plane regions.

  5. After you configure the client, go back to the Management Console and click OK to exit the access key window. Note that a login command is not required if access credentials are stored in the ~/.cdp/credentials file.