CDP Public Cloud use cases

CDP Public Cloud not only offers all the analytics experiences available on-premises, but also includes tools that enable hybrid and multi-cloud use cases. Customers benefit from leveraging a single interface whether deploying on a single cloud provider or using multiple cloud providers.

Some of the common use cases are:

  • Ingest large volumes of data in real time with streaming solutions that can further enrich the data sets and curate production data that can be made available for practitioners downstream. Ensure real time data flow control to help manage transfer of data between various sources and destinations.

  • Leverage object stores as centralized storage to bring together various datasets, enrich and analyze using analytical engines in CDP and generate a comprehensive understanding of the various entities in your value chain, thereby operationalizing a Customer 360 use case.

  • Collect metrics from a variety of systems in both process or discrete manufacturing to ensure deviations are captured, modeled in real time and alerts are sent out for course-correction before it's too late.

  • For companies looking to optimize cloud costs, run your workloads in the right place at the right time to reduce compute and storage costs and avoid lock-in with cloud providers.