Deploying CMA with parcel

Learn more about how to deploy CMA with a parcel in Cloudera Manager.

CMA can be an add-on service in Cloudera Manager. To deploy CMA with a parcel, you need to upload the CMA Custom Service Descriptor (CSD) files to the default CSD directory, and add the CMA parcel to your cluster using Cloudera Manager.
  1. Copy the CMA CSD files to /opt/cloudera/csd/ directory on the Cloudera Manager node:
    wget -P /opt/cloudera/csd/
    Cloudera Manager automatically detects the CSD files.
  2. Change the ownership of the CSD files.
    chown cloudera-scm:cloudera-scm /opt/cloudera/csd/CMA-1.0.jar
  3. Restart Cloudera Manager and CMS services for the changes to take effect.
    systemctl restart cloudera-scm-server
  4. Log into Cloudera Manager.
  5. Select Hosts > Parcels in the left navigation bar.
  6. Search for CMA, and click Download to download the parcel to the local repository.
  7. After the download is completed, click Distribute to distribute the parcel to all clusters.
  8. After the parcel is distributed, click Activate to activate the parcel.
  9. Click OK when confirmation is required.
  10. Click Clusters on the left navigation pane.
  11. Select the drop-down menu to the right of your cluster.
  12. Select Add Service.
  13. From the list, select CMA as the type of service, then click Continue.
    The Add CMA Service wizard opens.
  14. Assign the CMA server role to the hosts where you Python 3.8.12 and JDK11 installed, and click Continue.
  15. Click Continue after reviewing the configurations of the CMA service.
    The first run of the CMA service starts. When the command finishes, the CMA service is added to the cluster.
  16. Access the CMA User Interface (UI).
    After going back to the homepage of your cluster, open the CMA service page, and click on the CMA Server UI tab that opens the CMA UI.