CDP Public Cloud: September 2020 Release Summary

Cloudera is pleased to announce the latest updates to CDP Public Cloud.


  • Cloudera Data Engineering is Generally Available on AWS
  • CDP Data Visualization for Data Warehouse and Machine Learning is now available as a Tech Preview

New Or Updated Capabilities


Cloudera Data Warehouse

  • Storage account consolidation for Azure environments

    • CDW service no longer creates storage separate from Data Lake storage and thereby reduces both storage footprint and deployment complexity
  • CDW suspend

    • This optimization will help reduce operational costs
  • [Tech Preview] Druid on Azure

    • Druid provides low latency (real-time) data ingestion, flexible data exploration, and fast data aggregation

CDP Data Visualization

  • [Tech Preview] CDP Data Visualization for Data Warehouse and Machine Learning

  • CDP Data Visualization (DV) enables data engineers, business analysts, and data scientists to quickly and easily explore data, collaborate, and communicate explainable insights across the data lifecycle

  • DV is integrated with Data Warehouse and Machine Learning to data modeling and dashboarding out of the box; this simplifies and speeds up the process of getting value directly into the hands of the line of business

  • Please contact your Cloudera sales team to enable access to this Tech Preview

Cloudera Data Engineering

  • Cloudera Data Engineering is now Generally Available on AWS

    • CDE is a new curated experience for data engineers focused on data pipeline curation, automation, and management using Spark

    • CDE is cloud native, leveraging Kubernetes where platform admins can quickly provision virtual compute clusters with strong isolation, capacity auto-scaling and quotas for cost management

    • This release includes significant enhancements over the Tech Preview

  • Spot instance support

    • Users now have an additional knob to control cost, by being able to choose between running on Spot or On-Demand instances, providing up to 90% discount in AWS resources
  • Local (native) SSD

    • For memory and shuffle heavy workloads, CDE now allows using instances with local(native) SSD for intermediate results boosting performance
  • Resource tags

    • Allows administrators to define tags during CDE service creation to track and audit cloud provider resources
  • IP Whitelisting

    • Administrators can lock down access to the EKS control plane components via a CIDR range
  • Stability & Security

    • New CDE service deployment will now use Kubernetes 1.15 and Helm 3; this improves the stability and security of the service moving forward

Cloudera Data Hub

  • Data Discovery and Exploration Template (Tech Preview) now includes a spark connector

    • Provides support for indexing of RDDs and for Spark Streaming

    • Facilitates speedier data ingestion pipelines to Solr, while allowing all the power and flexibility of Spark to transform and process data on its way to be served

  • The “7.2.0 - Operational Database” DataHub template includes HUE for HBase DML/DDL

    • This greatly simplifies the process of data exploration and query


  • [Tech Preview] SDX Backup/Restore on AWS

    • Reduced risk and simplified management to CDP continuity and recovery through a convenient process to backup and restore SDX configurations

Management Console & Control Plane

  • Billing and Metering in MyCloudera Portal

    • Currency Charges are now available for all customers with active prepay or pay-as-you go subscriptions
  • The cdpcurl utility has been released to open source

Full release documentation including release notes for each service is available here (Service Name → Release Notes → What’s New).