Upgrading from Medium Duty to Enterprise Data Lake

Refer to this content for an overview of the Data Lake resizing from Medium Duty to Enterprise Data Lake (EDL). The resizing of Medium Duty Data Lakes to EDL should be performed on Runtime 7.2.17 and is a prerequisite for upgrading to 7.2.18.

Starting with Runtime 7.2.18, Medium Duty Data Lake is discontinued and is replaced by Enterprise Data Lake. While earlier Runtime versions support Medium Duty Data Lake (7.2.17 supports Enterprise, Medium Duty, Light Duty, and older versions support Medium Duty and Light Duty), 7.2.18 only supports Enterprise and Light Duty Data Lakes.

Enterprise Data Lake (EDL) enables Horizontal Scaling and Zero-Downtime Upgrades without increasing the infrastructure cost. For more information about EDL, see Data Lake scale.

In order for existing Data Lakes to be upgraded to Runtime 7.2.18, they must be using Enterprise or Light Duty Data Lake. If you are using Medium Duty Data Lake and would like to upgrade to Runtime 7.2.18, you will need to upgrade to 7.2.17 first and then resize your Data Lake to EDL using the existing Data Lake resize functionality. Afterwards, you will be able to proceed with the 7.2.18 upgrade.