Importing a Grafana dashboard

Know how to import an existing Grafana dashboard into your COD environment.

  • You must whitelist the Cloudera archive URL so that the necessary RPM packages for Grafana can be installed in the instances.
  • You must whitelist the Cloudera repository so that the dashboards are created automatically.
  1. Download the dashboard JSON files (for example, S3.json) in your local computer from the Cloudera repository.
  2. Open your Grafana portal and go to the Dashboard page.
  3. Choose your folder where you want to install the dashboards (for example, Cloudera).
  4. Click New > Import from the drop-down menu.
  5. Upload the dashboard JSON file which you had downloaded earlier.
    After uploading the file you can see that the dashboard is created in your chosen folder.
  6. Select the dashboard to see the graphs.