Monitoring metrics in COD with Grafana

Cloudera Operational Database (COD) provides a pre-defined solution to visualize the COD metrics comprehensively. COD uses Grafana to store and visualize the metrics. You can seamlessly access all the COD metrics using this Grafana solution.

Grafana deployment for COD aims to provide the following benefits.

  • Enables access restriction to Cloudera Manager: You can obtain necessary information and perform the required operations through the COD API, CLI, or UI while maintaining appropriate access restrictions to Cloudera Manager for other operations.
  • Utilizes ready-made dashboards with advanced widgets: COD utilizes the pre-built dashboards that Grafana offers, to visualize and monitor the performance of various components.
  • Integrates external metrics sources: COD allows you to incorporate metrics from external sources such as S3 storage. This integration provides a comprehensive view of COD, which helps to understand COD performance problems more effectively.

Consider the following aspects while enabling Grafana for COD.

  • Grafana server upgrade: COD focuses on utilizing the existing version to meet the requirements and the upgrade of the Grafana server is not within the scope of this solution.
  • Manual dashboard updates: You must explicitly download the updated dashboards from the Cloudera Public repository. This allows flexibility and ensures that you have the latest dashboard versions whenever necessary.
  • Operating System support: The existing solution works on Red Hat, CentOS, RHEL, and Fedora OS because of an RPM-based installation. That is why COD does not allow you to install Grafana with custom images having different OS.
  • Data Lake metrics support: COD does not include the Data Lake metrics in this solution. Only individual COD (Data Hub) metrics appear in the Grafana dashboard.
  • HA Knox support: Currently, COD only supports a single Gateway host with a single Knox Gateway.
  • Foursquare plugin support: The Cloudera Manager foursquare datasource plugin does not support sending alerts. That is why alerts cannot be created on HBase, HDFS, and ZooKeeper dashboard panels.