Integrating with Flink and SSB

When Kafka is chosen as source and sink for your application, you can use Cloudera Schema Registry to register and retrieve schema information of the different Kafka topics. You must add Schema Registry dependency to your Flink project and add the appropriate schema object to your Kafka topics. Additionally, you can add Schema Registry as a catalog to SQL Stream Builder (SSB) to import existing schemas for use with SQL queries.

You integrate Flink with your project along with Kafka and Schema Registry to process data streams at a large scale and to deliver real-time analytical insights about your processed data. For more information about how to integrate Flink with Schema Registry, see Schema Registry with Flink.

You integrate Schema Registry as a catalog with SSB to import schema as virtual tables which you can use to create queries on the streams of data through SQL. For more information about how to integrate SSB with Schema Registry, see Adding Catalogs.