List of Thrift API and HBase configurations

References for the right classes and functions along with the right configurations for HBase.

Classes and functions

Transport level
TBufferedTransport, TFramedTransport, TSaslTransport, and THttpClient
Protocol level
TBinaryProtocol and TCompactProtocol

HBase Thrift configurations

HBase thrift configurations
Property Default value (secured) Default value (unsecured) Description true true Use this to allow proxy users on the thrift gateway, which is mainly needed for doAs functionality.
hbase.regionserver.thrift.framed true true Use framed transport. When using the THsHaServer or TNonblockingServer, framed transport is always used irrespective of this configuration value.
hbase.regionserver.thrift.compact true true Use the TCompactProtocol instead of the default TBinaryProtocol. TCompactProtocol is a binary protocol that is more compact than the default and typically more efficient.
hbase.regionserver.thrift.http true true Use this to enable HTTP server usage on thrift, which is mainly needed for doAs functionality. auth_conf none If this is set, HBase Thrift Server authenticates its clients. HBase Proxy User Hosts and Groups must be configured to allow specific users to access HBase through Thrift Server.
hbase.thrift.ssl.enabled true false Encrypt communication between clients and HBase Thrift Server over HTTP using Transport Layer Security (TLS) (formerly known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL)).