To configure an S3 bucket to publish events

Before you configure an S3 bucket, you must make sure that CDP can access the S3 bucket.

For more information, see Minimal setup for cloud storage.

  1. Log into AWS.
  2. Go to S3 Service.
  3. Select the bucket you want to update.
  4. Go to Properties > Advanced Settings > Events.
  5. In the Events dialog box, click Add notification.
  6. Enter a name for the event notification, such as Atlas Create/Delete Events.
  7. In the Events list, select All object delete events and All object create events.
  8. In Send to, choose SQS Queue.
  9. In SQS, enter the name of the existing queue or choose "Add SQS queue ARN" to specify an existing queue with its ARN.
  10. Click Save.