Ability to download search results from Atlas UI

Atlas supports improved search results capabilities.You can download search results for both basic and advanced search options. You can configure the parameters to specify a directory path and configure automatic cleaning up of files to manage space efficiently.

You can use the new Download option to capture the search results of both Basic and Advanced (DSL) searches, in CSV file format. The CSV files are stored on the local file system. This download option queues up the search results and downloads the files in the following format: User type_type_of_search_timestamp. For example: admin_DSL_2023-04-29_04-56.csv indicates that the file contains results of search performed using the advanced search option.

Atlas employs the API path to route the requests to queue up the search results and later convert them to CSV files. The following are commonly used for the search and download operations.

  • /atlas/v2/search/<basic/dsl>/download/create_file
  • /atlas/v2/search/download/status - Status API
  • /atlas/v2/search/download/{filename} - Download request API

Search results configuration

You can configure the search result size The default value of search result size is 10000 and only 50 simultaneous requests can be done. You can configure the search request using the atlas.download.search.max.pending.tasks property.

You can configure the parameters in such a way that the downloaded CSV files are available in a specified directory path for a fixed time period and they are automatically cleaned up to free up the storage space. You can search for specific type definitions in Atlas and download them as appropriate.

The following APIs can be used to manage the download options and can be included in the Configuration tab in the Cloudera Manager instance under Atlas Server Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for conf/atlas-application.properties.
  • atlas.download.search.dir.path - Use this parameter to define the path for storing the downloaded CSVs.
  • atlas.download.search.file.expiry.millis - Use this parameter to set the time limit for the downloaded file to live in the storage. As an example: 180000 milliseconds → 3 minutes.