1. What's Changed in Ambari-1.5.0

The following changes were made in Ambari-1.5.0:

Apache JIRA Support Tracking Summary
AMBARI-5248 BUG-15668 Says Falcon in proxy user with HDP 2.0 stack
AMBARI-5238 BUG-15512 UI showing Hive configs on HBase service page
AMBARI-5225 BUG-15563 Ambari upgrade test, CentOS5 failed to add host
AMBARI-5222 BUG-15083 Assigning History Server to non-default host produces alert
AMBARI-5216 BUG-13327 stale_configs parameter works not properly after removing config group
AMBARI-5213 BUG-15183 HCat client configs can be refreshed only on host/component level, but not on service level
AMBARI-5210 BUG-15401 After upgrade (1.4.3 -> 1.5.0, HDP-1.3.2) unable to issue restart
AMBARI-5209 BUG-15343 MapReduce2 Client Install fails after cluster upgrade
AMBARI-5208 BUG-15426 After enable Security, during "Start All Services" "HBase Master Start" failed
AMBARI-5201 BUG-15365 Alert display randomly shows "No alerts" and then populate with alerts, back and forth
AMBARI-5195 BUG-15399 Unable to start history server and job tracker after upgrade
AMBARI-5190 BUG-15393 Add host fails after upgrade from 1.4.4 to 1.5.0 as datanode install fails
AMBARI-5186 BUG-14989 On EC2, AMI for RHEL 5.7 does not start postgres on setup
AMBARI-5185 BUG-15390 Unable to delete host even when all host components are in INIT state
AMBARI-5182 BUG-15334 Retrieve registered host from API throws exception
AMBARI-5178 BUG-15158 After upgrade hdfs-site and other configs don't contain properties introduced in 1.5.0
AMBARI-5165 BUG-15259 Confirmation dialog is not closed when running service check.
AMBARI-5163 BUG-14954 Just clicking on property value entails the appearance of 'Undo' link
AMBARI-5160 BUG-13633 Error in picking up LzoCodecs in Ambari-deployed Oracle 6.3 and CentOS5.
AMBARI-5154 BUG-15182 Upgrade from 1.4.4 to 1.5.0 failed on Oracle DB
AMBARI-5153 BUG-15227 Column length too long for Oracle
AMBARI-5149 BUG-15137 YARN Summary panel shows incorrect "Cluster Memory total"
AMBARI-5147 BUG-15051 Upgraded single-node Ambari cluster has yarn job summary entries missing in /etc/hadoop/conf/log4j.properties
AMBARI-5146 BUG-15050 After Ambari is upgraded to 1.5.0, previous JAVA_HOME is overwritten to /usr/jdk64/jdk1.6.0_3
AMBARI-5143 BUG-15034 Should not allow decommission/recommission of slave component if master component is not running
AMBARI-5140 BUG-14217 Ganglia service does not require restart after changing configs
AMBARI-5139 BUG-15149 Error while host confirmation (bootstrap.py)
AMBARI-5136 BUG-15150 Installer - Install, Start and Test: list of hosts are disappeared after retry
AMBARI-5134 BUG-13757 Request Schedule Batch request, return code, status and message not persisted
AMBARI-5133 BUG-14982 Maintenance Mode: On Host Details page, Start All fails
AMBARI-5132 BUG-15075 On "Host Details Page" Start All, Stop All and Restart All items in "Host actions" menu does not work
AMBARI-5130 BUG-15100 Ambari stack upgrade, cannot delete Mapreduce using UpgradeHelper_HDP2.py
AMBARI-5128 BUG-15037 Rolling Restart dialog shows incorrect message that slaves won't be restarted when service is in maintenance mode
AMBARI-5124 BUG-14523 Configure Components step of HA wizard got stuck forever (requires page refresh to continue)
AMBARI-5123 BUG-15021 Background Operations window does not appear after triggering Rolling Restart
AMBARI-5121, AMBARI-5150 BUG-14987 Ensure that the Server and Client versions match (browser caching issues)
AMBARI-5113 BUG-15018 Ambari UI doesn't resume updating after logout/login
AMBARI-5112 BUG-13332 hadoop-mapreduce.jobsummary.log is empty when specified custom YARN Log Dir
AMBARI-5111 BUG-14824 Host confirmation failed on suse
AMBARI-5108 BUG-11648 HBaseRegionServer requires multiple retries to be stopped during reassigning NameNode after EnablingHA
AMBARI-5097 BUG-14765 Retry failure after installation failure triggers start all services request
AMBARI-5094 BUG-14384 yarn.exclude FileNotFoundException during RM startup
AMBARI-5092 BUG-14894 HCat client does not require restart after changing configs
AMBARI-5090 BUG-14955 Info dialog does not need cancel button
AMBARI-5081 BUG-14878 'Check HBASE' failed after Enabling Security
AMBARI-5075 BUG-11597 Receiving incorrect confirmation prompt when trying to add components
AMBARI-5073 BUG-14861 After upgrading Ambari from 1.4.1 to 1.5.0 - restart commands fails with seq not existing.
AMBARI-5069 BUG-14883 Restart button on host details page doesn't have confirm popup
AMBARI-5066 BUG-14827 Ambari Upgrade Test, restart HBase, HBase Client Install failed
AMBARI-5065 BUG-14363 Rolling restart should also handle clients on the same machine as the restarting component
AMBARI-5061 BUG-14843 Ambari Upgrade Test, upgrade stack command failed
AMBARI-5048 BUG-14677 Host Details page: When adding slaves, INIT state is shown as "Unknown" with "Start" as allowable action
AMBARI-5046 BUG-14779 webHcat start fails in secure cluster
AMBARI-5040 BUG-14578 2-way auth fails when using jdk7
AMBARI-5031 BUG-13608 gmetad/gmond left in init after install
AMBARI-5024 BUG-12678 NameNode HA Wizard can get stuck on the Finalize page
AMBARI-5020 BUG-14305 Lost heartbeat on host but ganglia shows a heartbeat lost
AMBARI-5018 BUG-14617 Rolling restart should work on a Service that is in MaintMode
AMBARI-5007 BUG-14102 HDP 2.0.6 stack services should be .2.0.6, not .2.1.1
AMBARI-5006 BUG-14604 HDFS warning should not include Gluster
AMBARI-5004 BUG-14466 Many YARN configs are duplicated in MR2 configs
AMBARI-4999 BUG-14000 Ambari should allow at least 3 yarn containers on a one-node installation
AMBARI-4971 BUG-14419 Ambari Web UI broke after manually navigating to SQOOP configs page
AMBARI-4970, AMBARI-4984 BUG-14388 Clicking on a running app on jobs page continues to stay on the same page forever
AMBARI-4961 BUG-14307 Decommission of NodeManager failed after enabling security
AMBARI-4956 BUG-13668 Installing clients failed after adding services
AMBARI-4954 BUG-14260 After configuring NNHA, nn process alerts don't work
AMBARI-4948 BUG-14189 Override of multi-line log content property doesn't preserve newlines
AMBARI-4947 BUG-14328 Change Hive alerts to move away from Hive metadata queries to port checks
AMBARI-4946 BUG-14457 Installer wizard: Error handling for failed Start all services call
AMBARI-4944 BUG-12217 Logs do not give the full picture of steps executed
AMBARI-4939 BUG-13666 Ganglia alerts after adding YARN+MR2
AMBARI-4938 BUG-13507 Configs are not applied if site has empty properties
AMBARI-4929 BUG-10570 Unable to modify TaskTracker Xmx (hadoop-env.sh) via Ambari UI
AMBARI-4927 BUG-13264 Decommissioned data node allows decommissioning with NN HA enabled
AMBARI-4916 BUG-14214 'Start All' button is enabled if all services are started
AMBARI-4914 BUG-13463 HBase Service Check failed after adding HBase service
AMBARI-4905 BUG-14272 Restart all on HDFS fails (Ambari DB: mysql)
AMBARI-4895 BUG-14234 License header is repeated in oozie-log4j.properties
AMBARI-4894 BUG-12988 Allow upgrade stack to take a url as parameter for a local repo change.
AMBARI-4882 BUG-13637 Bulk Ops: decommissioning a slave component on multiple hosts silently fails on UI if at least one is stopped
AMBARI-4878 BUG-14174 On a retry all the install commands succeed but the status of one of the components in INSTALL_FAILED which causes the next START command to fail on UI.
AMBARI-4877 BUG-14133 Command "sudo su -l hdfs -c 'hdfs zkfc -formatZK'" has failed during enabling HA
AMBARI-4872 BUG-14042 Nagios alerts are not shown on SUSE
AMBARI-4871 BUG-14111 All JMX metrics are not working on the UI - the metrics are not showing up.
AMBARI-4868 BUG-14007 HBase install with custom user name does not work properly
AMBARI-4867 BUG-14059 Add Host: deleted hosts handled as installed
AMBARI-4847 BUG-12860 Warning doesn't appear after changing Hadoop user group in Misc tab
AMBARI-4843 BUG-13828 Ambari DDL for MySQL should not create ambarirca database
AMBARI-4837 BUG-13876 Do not show Admin > Access section on non-2.1 Stack
AMBARI-4836 BUG-14039 Hbase service check fails on Security with camel hostnames
AMBARI-4835 BUG-14025 Cannot specify config properties whose names contain asterisks when adding properties via Custom sections
AMBARI-4823 BUG-13910 Start Services failed on Save and Apply Configuration step of Enable Security Wizard
AMBARI-4822 BUG-13594 "Host Actions" button is disabled on host detail page when heart beating is lost
AMBARI-4795, AMBARI-4811 BUG-13872 Bulk Decom or Stop of RS does not work
AMBARI-4793 BUG-13448 Pig Service Check failed after disabling security on non preconfigured cluster
AMBARI-4787 BUG-13801 /var/lib/hadoop-hdfs/ location does not has +x permission for others
AMBARI-4780 BUG-12919 ambari-agent conflicts with python-jinja2
AMBARI-4778 BUG-9152 Nagios reports a Host as down when it is actually up
AMBARI-4777 BUG-13567 Restart indicators work incorrectly after adding component
AMBARI-4760 BUG-13749 Client-only services transition to the STARTED state
AMBARI-4758 BUG-13534 Failure tolerance parameter doesn't seem to work for Rolling Restarts
AMBARI-4755 BUG-13626 HIVE_AUX_JARS_PATH in hive-env.sh points to nonexistent hcatalog-core.jar
AMBARI-4742 BUG-13297 Ambari Server logs has messages like component not found and stack traces which are harmless but misleading.
AMBARI-4731 BUG-13617 After upgrade to 1.4.4, create config group fail with error: 500(Exception Description: Error preallocating sequence numbers. The sequence table information is not complete.)
AMBARI-4726 BUG-12959 Hbase HA testing: quick links wrong msg if no active master
AMBARI-4713 BUG-13597 Nagios and Hive fails, when password is numberonly
AMBARI-4708 BUG-13372 Actual configs not updated after restart of host component
AMBARI-4696 BUG-13524 Deprecation warnings show up in stderr because of using sets in Ganglia
AMBARI-4695 BUG-13485 When in Decommissioned" state and Maint, icon shows orange, not medbag
AMBARI-4684 BUG-12969 Password with special symbols cause deploy fail
AMBARI-4682 BUG-13458 Customize Services page of Add Service Wizard offers to customize already installed Oozie
AMBARI-4680 BUG-13506 Hive Metastore install failed during install cluster
AMBARI-4677 BUG-13456 Added property to zoo.cfg for ZooKeeper service disappears after clicking on the "Save" button
AMBARI-4663 BUG-11285 Queue ACLs configuration names are wrong
AMBARI-4661 BUG-13309 Oozie service check fails in secure cluster
AMBARI-4653 BUG-7322 Prevent deleting all users
AMBARI-4651 BUG-13393 Proxy have some problems with POST,PUT requests when passing xml data in body
AMBARI-4637 BUG-13096 The user is not always redirected to the login page when unauthenticated
AMBARI-4635 BUG-12792 "SNN Process" alert displays after HA enabled successfully
AMBARI-4626 BUG-13157 "Capacity Scheduler" section in Ambari does not allow ACL value of "user group" with spaces
AMBARI-4621 BUG-13126 It's possible for host components to get stuck in installing state.
AMBARI-4608 BUG-13337 Medkit icons are shifted out of their places, in hosts table in Safari.
AMBARI-4600 BUG-13243 Remove --jce-policy from warning statement
AMBARI-4599 BUG-11953 Temporary directory does not get created during HBase client installation using Ambari
AMBARI-4574 BUG-12328 Upon restart of ambari-server, the service status on Dashboard page remain unchanged
AMBARI-4555 BUG-12127 Nagios alert for NN process fails if Port is changed
AMBARI-4554 BUG-13178 HBase service check fails on secure cluster
AMBARI-4552 BUG-13160 OOS status for component on host detail page makes button too big
AMBARI-4499 BUG-12763 Add support for marking hbase RS instances as DRAINING before decommission
AMBARI-4497 BUG-11578 Hive check execute fails after upgrading from BWGA
AMBARI-4490 BUG-12238 If Ganglia is not installed, server logs hundreds of error messages
AMBARI-4487 BUG-12936 When logging certain operations, need to mask sensitive properties
AMBARI-4482 BUG-12898 We should set content type(do encoding), for data in body. URLStreamProvider.processURL
AMBARI-4472 BUG-9827 Alerts for Ganglia monitor is shown only on the host with Ganglia server
AMBARI-4459 BUG-12038 Not creating ambarirca database in MySQL DDL
AMBARI-4445 BUG-12764 Mark decommission host components as PASSIVE
AMBARI-4435 BUG-12536 Hadoop cluster alerts are not being communicated through TVI
AMBARI-4425 BUG-12186 Add upgradestack support for MySQL
AMBARI-4408 BUG-12590 Background operations dialog in weird state after exception
AMBARI-4401 BUG-12524 Schedule_request with failing batch forever stays in state SCHEDULED
AMBARI-4394 BUG-12223 Temporal Host metrics can get overwritten.
AMBARI-4354 BUG-11650 HostCleanup should also clean /tmp/hadoop-*
AMBARI-4306 BUG-12317 Request Schedule status not updated for Point in time execution request
AMBARI-4300 BUG-12304 Service tab: growing number of calls to update alerts
AMBARI-4265 BUG-12168 Provide way to set http proxy for Ambari Server
AMBARI-4235 BUG-11920 Unnecessary ERROR logs
AMBARI-4213 BUG-11965 Master hosts are missing in Add Service wizard
AMBARI-4196 BUG-11932 Install Wizard: Service Config Group popup text does not show the service name prefix
AMBARI-4186 BUG-11887 Global configs are not sent to server
AMBARI-4178 BUG-11862 *-log4j configs for zookeeper, pig and mapreduce services aren't put to the Ambari Server
AMBARI-4162 BUG-4899 Ambari trying to setup namenode dirs on nfs mounted home dirs
AMBARI-4135 BUG-11832 Review page doesn't have info about Repositories
AMBARI-4100 BUG-3994 Chart not showing complete hour
AMBARI-4098 BUG-9147 Host pagination size not persisted between login/logout
AMBARI-4080 BUG-10110 During install, if you have install failures and click "retry", should clear filters
AMBARI-4076 BUG-5587 Host list doesn't show masters at top
AMBARI-4074 BUG-11657 Ambari sets mapred.healthChecker.script.path and mapred.job.tracker.persist.jobstatus.dir incorrectly
AMBARI-3636 BUG-10423 DatabaseVersion might be confusing
AMBARI-3537 BUG-9690 Allow log4j properties to be applied via the API in Ambari for hadoop/oozie/others.
AMBARI-3529 BUG-9594 Yarn+MapReduce installing
AMBARI-3508 BUG-9936 Multiple popups on the "Install, Start, Test" step
AMBARI-3507 BUG-9937 "Assign Slaves" step. Error with installed NodeManagers
AMBARI-3400 BUG-9394 When using ambari to install a cluster: /etc/hadoop/conf/log4j.properties is set to DEBUG,JHA
AMBARI-3245 BUG-7961 Incorrect behavior of dashboard graphs
AMBARI-2649 BUG-5696 After service is deleted, BE gets into inconsistent state when the service is added again
AMBARI-2150 BUG-4958 Update reassign deploy interface
AMBARI-1896 BUG-4965 Disable editing Capacity Scheduler on host configs
AMBARI-1878 BUG-4914 Host overrides functionality broken in wizard Step7 controller
AMBARI-1837 BUG-4865 Few core-site properties vanished after seemingly benign reconfiguration
AMBARI-1695 BUG-4244 Customize Services page - validation error count is not reflect in the service tab for host exceptions