1. What's Changed in Ambari-1.5.1

The following changes were made in Ambari-1.5.1:

Apache JIRA Support Tracking Summary
AMBARI-5468 BUG-16712 "Oozie server" was failed or stopped immediately, after start (sles/centos5)
AMBARI-5455 BUG-16702 Ambari configuration for map join conversion and tez container size seems wrong
AMBARI-5453 BUG-16689 MR sleep job OOM in Ambari-deployed cluster
AMBARI-5452 BUG-16676 Ambari schema does not upgrade on 1.4.3 and 1.4.4 with MySQL as Ambari DB
AMBARI-5450 BUG-16661 Modify property in tez-site for Ambari
AMBARI-5447 BUG-16575 WebHCat start Fail when upgraded from 1.4.x to 1.5.0
AMBARI-5444 BUG-16620 Oozie server start fails on cluster install (stack 1.3.3)
AMBARI-5436 BUG-16406 Map operator displays wrong statistics for TPC-DS Query27
AMBARI-5433 BUG-16497 Add Host failed on upgraded cluster on Suse
AMBARI-5432 BUG-16560 Add service wizard to add missing service-components for other services
AMBARI-5431 BUG-16567 storm-env.sh needs to be created at /etc/storm/conf
AMBARI-5430 BUG-16542 Changing of mapreduce.map.java.opts, mapreduce.reduce.java.opts values are ignored after deploy
AMBARI-5425 BUG-16529 Set -server in java opts in mapred-site.xml and tez-site.xml
AMBARI-5413 BUG-16436 Os type check for centos 6.5 can fail if the /etc/issue has CentOS Linux release 6.5 (Final)
AMBARI-5412 BUG-16333 Operation "Supervisor start" failed during installation but all supervisors are alive
AMBARI-5400 BUG-16407 Inefficient default Map heap size values set by Ambari
AMBARI-5390 BUG-14762 Jobs page should show only jobs with Tez DAGs
AMBARI-5386 BUG-16272 Deploy stuck during generating tasks on Review page (not always reproduced)
AMBARI-5385 BUG-16310 Ambari Views : MySQL create script is wrong for View tables
AMBARI-5382 BUG-16265 Schema Upgrade failed when upgrading to Baikal
AMBARI-5381 BUG-16266 Installer: 'Undo' button for repo BaseURL is unnecessarily present
AMBARI-5380 BUG-16222 Ambari performs extremely slow on CentOS 5
AMBARI-5376 BUG-16280 jmx NODEMANAGER metrics dont display when we customize NODEMANAGER port
AMBARI-5374 BUG-16156 HCat component still require Restart after changing Hive configs and Stop/Start service operations
AMBARI-5370 BUG-16181 Unit tests still failing on Jenkins
AMBARI-5368 BUG-15910 HDP 2.1 install leaves deprecated params in mapred-site.xml, causes Hive failure
AMBARI-5366 BUG-15927 Hide Ubuntu option by default for 1.5.1
AMBARI-5365 BUG-16221 Deploy cluster blocked for stacks 1.3.2, 1.3.3 and 2.0
AMBARI-5364 BUG-14561 Re-order Tez configurations in UI
AMBARI-5363 BUG-16138 Typo error in container-executor.cfg
AMBARI-5362 BUG-16180 Automatic bootstrap failed on CentOS 6.5 (No module named common_functions)
AMBARI-5361 BUG-16030 Total number of jobs is incorrect on the "jobs' link
AMBARI-5360 BUG-16042 Storm local directory set up by Ambari does not follow the convention used for other services
AMBARI-5359 BUG-16083 Unit test NagiosPropertyProviderTest fails
AMBARI-5358 BUG-16161 Make sure a disk goes R/O for datanodes the datanodes are still started.
AMBARI-5357 BUG-16172 Hive service check tests try to access external host and slow down test runs
AMBARI-5356 BUG-16080 File hadoop-mapreduce.jobsummary.log is missing on host with JobTracker
AMBARI-5355 BUG-16139 Ambari does not reflect correct version of HDP component in Admin Tab
AMBARI-5354 BUG-16157 Automatic Bootstrap on cento5 fails when no python2.6 is present
AMBARI-5353 BUG-16017 Falcon directory ownership set incorrectly
AMBARI-5352 BUG-15942 PIG_OPTS should be appended instead of being over written
AMBARI-5351 BUG-15949 Add Apache License Checking to Unit Tests
AMBARI-5350 BUG-15982 Ambari should set "hive.optimize.bucketmapjoin.sortedmerge=false" in hive-site.xml
AMBARI-5348 BUG-16158 Jobs page: hovering popup (on jobs name) sometimes disappear
AMBARI-5346 BUG-16060 Suggest the user to put the service in Maintenance Mode before performing service-level stop, rolling restart, or restart all
AMBARI-5345 BUG-16077 Server Error: 500 status code received on GET method for API.
AMBARI-5344 BUG-15708 Error with finding FK constraint in Oracle DB.
AMBARI-5343 BUG-15776 Ambari hiveserver2 smoke test wrong for hiveserver 2 that uses LDAP authentication
AMBARI-5342 BUG-13831 Ambari YARN UI - Quick Link - JMX breaks if RM port is changed
AMBARI-5341 BUG-16006 Namenode unittests are broken
AMBARI-5340 BUG-16023 Tez DAG Operator hover text not wrapping wide content
AMBARI-5339 BUG-15999 Checkboxes displayed incorrectly on "Assign Slaves and Clients" page on Install wizard
AMBARI-5336 BUG-16007 JobsDiagnostic|2.1.1: New jobs don't show up in jobs table.
AMBARI-5335 BUG-16052 Change Ambari to not upload Hive jar and to not set hive.jar.directory
AMBARI-5334 BUG-16049 No ability to load new Hive jobs as link vanishes
AMBARI-5333 BUG-16050 No hover showing command for non-Tez Hive queries
AMBARI-5332 BUG-14301 Check for openssl-1.0.1e-15 before registering hosts
AMBARI-5330 BUG-16036 Some Falcon properties are not reconfigurable
AMBARI-5329 BUG-15850 Ambari Views : need to add view tables for upgrade catalog
AMBARI-5327 BUG-16004 Hive start fails on centos5
AMBARI-5326 BUG-15296 Ambari should be able to configure ATS age off parameters
AMBARI-5325 BUG-14735 Falcon service check should use smokeuser credentials for kerberos authentication
AMBARI-5322 BUG-15924 Mirroring: unable to show more than 10 datasets
AMBARI-5321 BUG-15859 Jobs js-error
AMBARI-5320 BUG-15956 Jobs link should not show up when security is enabled
AMBARI-5319 BUG-13367 Investigate how we can log all exceptions rather than getting log that asks to call getNextException
AMBARI-5318 BUG-11402 HBASE should have state "INSTALLED" when there is no active HBASE_MASTER
AMBARI-5315 BUG-15799 Jobs UI - Jobs without link to job details page
AMBARI-5314 BUG-15965 Ambari Web unit tests don't run due to an error
AMBARI-5313 BUG-16000 Icon "Asterisk" on "Assign Masters"/-Slaves steps does not display with 8-bit depth
AMBARI-5312 BUG-11347 Web UI: help popup remains after clicking "deploy"
AMBARI-5311 BUG-15992 Falcon fails to deploy
AMBARI-5311 BUG-15987 During deployment "Falcon Client install" failed
AMBARI-5310 BUG-15985 Do not do server-client version match check if App.version have not been set on ambari-web
AMBARI-5309 BUG-15971 Ambari installer with Falcon enabled has new Prism required properties without any defaults
AMBARI-5305 BUG-15779 Ambari should upgrade the mysql JDBC driver for Hive it installs to 5.1.29
AMBARI-5304 BUG-14616 Finalize 2.1 Stack definition for repo info file
AMBARI-5302 BUG-15731 Ambari Unit Test Failures
AMBARI-5300 BUG-15862 Implement pagination on "Install, Start and Test" step
AMBARI-5299 BUG-15751 Updated ganglia service description
AMBARI-5298 BUG-15918 Mirroring: Start sorting works incorrect
AMBARI-5297 BUG-15916 JS-error on host details page
AMBARI-5295 BUG-15915 Cannot proceed beyond Welcome page due to JS error
AMBARI-5294 BUG-15795 Add 'Show 100' option on Hosts page
AMBARI-5290 BUG-15863 Mirroring: show spinners in popups while data is loading
AMBARI-5289 BUG-13093 Ambari - hive security configuration
AMBARI-5288 BUG-15858 Mirroring Manage Clusters: incorrect url after page refresh
AMBARI-5286 BUG-15861 Long time loading of Customize Services step
AMBARI-5285 BUG-15801 Jobs UI - Back button on jobs table not enabled when new jobs refreshed
AMBARI-5283 BUG-15773 Check bad credentials vs. aborted and present different message to user on login
AMBARI-5282 BUG-15693 Supervisor.enable should be removed from Ambari's Storm Config section
AMBARI-5281 BUG-15797 Jobs UI - New jobs available on server link not loading immediately
AMBARI-5280 BUG-14983 Storm daemons need to run under supervision
AMBARI-5279 BUG-15790 Jobs UI - refresh new jobs link needlessly showing up
AMBARI-5278 BUG-14774 Review Falcon Configs in Ambari.
AMBARI-5276 BUG-15840 BG operations popup: Restart operation for host component should not have hostname
AMBARI-5275 BUG-15755 After upgrading from Comanche, adding host and reconfiguring all services strange alert appears
AMBARI-5267 BUG-15750 HDP2.1 Hive metastore install fails on multinode cluster
AMBARI-5266 BUG-15775 Red / green colorblind problem with service status dashboard, etc.
AMBARI-5263 BUG-15762 Mirroring: add schedule dataset action
AMBARI-5262 BUG-15658 Implement pagination on "Assign Slaves and Clients" step
AMBARI-5260 BUG-14771 Jobs table should support pagination
AMBARI-5259 BUG-15566 Jobs UI - Sorting on duration does not actually sort jobs
AMBARI-5257 BUG-14714 Ambari Views : Persistence
AMBARI-5255 BUG-12771 Make selected filter links on wizard pages more prominent
AMBARI-5251 BUG-14484 Security Wizard: Surface information about Delete ATS API call on web-ui
AMBARI-5250 BUG-15680 Jobs page. Invalid number of displayed jobs
AMBARI-5249 BUG-14662 Disk_total sometimes returns 0
AMBARI-5247 BUG-15567 Jobs UI - Negative duration shown for jobs in progress
AMBARI-5246 BUG-13599 Mistake in title of operation "Restart Nimbuss"
AMBARI-5245 BUG-15604 gmond.master.conf files are generated by Ganglia Server
AMBARI-5244 BUG-15665 Wizard Step7 JS error on load page (add service wizard)
AMBARI-5243 BUG-15666 Confirm Hosts step: performance optimization in order to support large number of hosts
AMBARI-5241 BUG-15441 Add hive-action-0.3.xsd to the oozie-site.xml file
AMBARI-5239 BUG-15659 Service config page generates js-error when accessed directly
AMBARI-5238 BUG-15512 UI showing Hive configs on HBase service page
AMBARI-5237 BUG-15507 Implement pagination on "Confirm Hosts" step
AMBARI-5236 BUG-10446 Set webhcat-site.xml props required by BUG-7466
AMBARI-5235 BUG-14475 Add component of clients in Ambari doesn't work in a secured cluster
AMBARI-5233 BUG-15636 Ambari server and UI should use the same version when making a build
AMBARI-5230 BUG-15580 Tooltips in Jobs table don't change with the advent of new items
AMBARI-5227 BUG-14618 Front-end changes to support the latest_url
AMBARI-5226 BUG-14990 Check STORM fails
AMBARI-5224 BUG-5613 Hive logs should use better dir than /tmp
AMBARI-5223 BUG-9889 Hive-env.sh overwrites user value of HIVE_AUX_JARS_PATH
AMBARI-5221 BUG-15577 When coming on jobs page first time, jobs first request is requesting all queries without limit.
AMBARI-5220 BUG-10771 Unittests for Service resource an all it's attributes
AMBARI-5219 BUG-15265 Tez user being created
AMBARI-5217 BUG-11790 Incorrect Stale Config indicator shown for HDFS, YARN and MR2 service after adding Zookeeper server to a host.
AMBARI-5215 BUG-15515 Logviewer related properties are not surfaced on web-ui.
AMBARI-5214 BUG-15448 Ambari invalidates user names with underscore in it's value
AMBARI-5207 BUG-13933 Ambari configs for hive acid
AMBARI-5205 BUG-15496 Add tez_user property in UI
AMBARI-5204 BUG-12293 Host clean up should rely on host check to tell it what processes to kill
AMBARI-5203 BUG-14764 Jobs page becomes extremely slow and unresponsive around 500 queries
AMBARI-5202 BUG-15442 Ambari Server tests not completing on Mac
AMBARI-5200 BUG-15440 Mirroring: wrong timezone in Edit Dataset popup
AMBARI-5198 BUG-14456 Pre Existing alternatives can cause deployment issues when a cluster had hadoop installed.
AMBARI-5197 BUG-15116 Ambari Installer: Set up tez.am.env to match mapreduce.admin.user.env
AMBARI-5193 BUG-15431 Mirroring: hide dataset actions, when Falcon is stopped
AMBARI-5192 BUG-15319 Turn off Falcon lineage feature
AMBARI-5188 BUG-13938 Component version numbers do not seem accurate
AMBARI-5179 BUG-15019 Mirroring: each status should have appropriate status indicator
AMBARI-5177 BUG-15288 Hive job's 'show more' action should expand and collapse smoothly
AMBARI-5176 BUG-14506 Remove code for HA mode where it's unuseful. (from hooks and params.pp in stack 1.3.2)
AMBARI-5175 BUG-15283 Tez DAG vertex operation hover should show full operation name
AMBARI-5174 BUG-14769 Ambari UI shows Tez DAG vertex times cumulative
AMBARI-5173 BUG-14575 The status of App Timeline Server affect the health status of YARN service.
AMBARI-5172 BUG-15010 Mirroring: filter out non-Ambari mirroring feeds by naming convention
AMBARI-5169 BUG-14395 Associate applications seen on RM with tez jobs on ATS
AMBARI-5164 BUG-15209 Warning logs for missing .hash files in the agent logs
AMBARI-5163 BUG-14954 Just clicking on property value entails the appearance of 'Undo' link
AMBARI-5162 BUG-15007 Mirroring: surface error messages from Falcon
AMBARI-5161 BUG-15169 Customize Services step load: change calls to asynchronous
AMBARI-5159 BUG-14885 Storm config page not available
AMBARI-5158 BUG-15009 Mirroring: add info message/tooltips for Cluster fields
AMBARI-5157 BUG-14576 Problems with pop-ups on Job page and Job Details page (Firefox Browser)
AMBARI-5156 BUG-15213 Hive CLI using Tez runtime does not start by throwing HDFS exception
AMBARI-5148 BUG-14936 LogViewer service needs to run on all supervisor nodes
AMBARI-5147 BUG-15051 Upgraded single-node Ambari cluster has yarn job summary entries missing in /etc/hadoop/conf/log4j.properties
AMBARI-5141 BUG-14778 Selecting operator in Tez DAG vertex should show operator table
AMBARI-5140 BUG-14217 Ganglia service does not require restart after changing configs
AMBARI-5137 BUG-14521 Strange HDFS and Mapreduce services behavior after FIRST "Save" button click on Config tab
AMBARI-5131 BUG-14785 Size Tez DAG vertices by amount of time taken
AMBARI-5127 BUG-15015 Job Tez DAG's vertices table not sorted by value
AMBARI-5126 BUG-15081 Storm: nimbus.childopts config doesn't update on Add Service Wizard
AMBARI-5125 BUG-15016 Comment out Records read/written from vertex summary dropdown
AMBARI-5118 BUG-14997 Update Request resource API doc
AMBARI-5117 BUG-15029 Falcon Smoke test fails
AMBARI-5115 BUG-14483 Mirroring: auto-refresh of data loses paging
AMBARI-5110 BUG-14978 Storm: Remove LogviewerServer from the list of masters
AMBARI-5109 BUG-14708 BootStrapTest hangs sometimes
AMBARI-5108 BUG-11648 HBaseRegionServer requires multiple retries to be stopped during reassigning NameNode after EnablingHA
AMBARI-5107 BUG-14784 Job Tez DAG vertex start/end time should show seconds also
AMBARI-5106 BUG-14773 Jobs table should have wider query hover
AMBARI-5105 BUG-14446 Mirroring: each instance is shown twice
AMBARI-5102 BUG-14486 Mirroring: instance table should be shown most recent first
AMBARI-5096 BUG-14973 Mirroring: core-site.xml's falcon proxy hosts should be * for data replication across clusters
AMBARI-5095 BUG-14614 Add ability to read latest repo and provide from Ambari
AMBARI-5093 BUG-14852 Ambari metric chart for #slots shows wrong # of used slots
AMBARI-5091 BUG-14330 Ambari should install Hive metastore DB schema using SchemaTool
AMBARI-5086 BUG-11676 Provide better error message if agent host cannot reach repo during registration
AMBARI-5085 BUG-14835 Add feature that allows disable buttons of popup
AMBARI-5084 BUG-14140 On Access tab " Enable Jobs tab for non-admin users " doesn't work
AMBARI-5080 BUG-14786 Job Tez DAG should handle a union query
AMBARI-5078 BUG-14783 Job Tez DAG should show spilled records per vertex
AMBARI-5072 BUG-14707 Mirroring: stabilize datasets initial loading
AMBARI-5064 BUG-14560 Model ATS host name into App.YARNService class
AMBARI-5063 BUG-13730 Filter and sorting preferences lost when visiting a Job
AMBARI-5060 BUG-11692 Security Wizard: enable Kerberos setup for Storm
AMBARI-5059 BUG-14410 GET on Request API takes over 50 seconds to respond
AMBARI-5058, AMBARI-5068 BUG-13743 Start services failed after disabled security on not preconfigurated cluster (DataNode is stopped)
AMBARI-5057 BUG-14403 Restart does not seem to provide the Maintenance State info in the execution command
AMBARI-5055 BUG-14551 Jobs popup hanging
AMBARI-5054 BUG-14387 Negative duration for completed apps on ATS
AMBARI-5053 BUG-14482 Mirroring: Manage Clusters popup UI tweaks
AMBARI-5053 BUG-14481 Mirroring: Manage Cluster > Create Target Cluster UI tweaks
AMBARI-5052 BUG-14562 Proxied API requests do not return error details
AMBARI-5049 BUG-14757 Add Falcon clients link to Falcon Service summary page
AMBARI-5047 BUG-14780 API proxy returns "204 No Content" if the underlying call takes more than a few seconds
AMBARI-5045 BUG-14573 Temporarily wrong location of progress bar
AMBARI-5043 BUG-14753 Oozie-site.xml defaults need to be updated for 2.1 stack
AMBARI-5041 BUG-14739 Falcon does not support _HOST substitution in principal names.
AMBARI-5039 BUG-14747 Add option to navigate to different pages in the app timeline page
AMBARI-5037 BUG-14740 Job DAG layout issues - misplaced vertices and wide rows
AMBARI-5036 BUG-13565 Secured: Start All Services task got stuck forever
AMBARI-5034 BUG-14736 Operator plan in Hive query page should not be editable
AMBARI-5033 BUG-14663 Configs are not being pushed to Falcon Client hostComponent
AMBARI-5030 BUG-14710 Jobs page column headers are misplaced
AMBARI-5029 BUG-14713 Improve Tez dag layout for a fully connected graph
AMBARI-5028 BUG-14665 Hive Service Check Failed during Install Wizard
AMBARI-5026 BUG-14538 Assigning hosts to Config group takes a minute and Ok button is not greyed out
AMBARI-5023 BUG-14488 Mirroring: Create New Dataset popup tweaks
AMBARI-5019 BUG-14122 Implement column sorting on vertices table of individual Job
AMBARI-5017 BUG-14485 Mirroring: there's no immediate feedback on "Kill Instance" and "Suspend Instance" actions
AMBARI-5016 BUG-14487 Mirroring: Dataset table should be clickable anywhere in the row
AMBARI-5011 BUG-11623 Security Wizard: enable Kerberos setup for Falcon
AMBARI-5009 BUG-14589 'Disk_total' for one host returns 0 and the UI displays -Infinity%
AMBARI-5004 BUG-13088 Restart indicator behavior is inconsistent
AMBARI-5003 BUG-14496 Hive query does not log/indicate failure in HIVE_QUERY_ID entity
AMBARI-5003 BUG-14354 Jobs page w/o DAG loop in UI
AMBARI-5001 BUG-14500 Tooltip for custom properties should be removed as it is useless
AMBARI-5000 BUG-14550 Should not be able to edit log and pid for falcon post install
AMBARI-4998 BUG-14173 Need tooltip for vertex state in Tez DAG state
AMBARI-4997 BUG-14460 Falcon-env.sh needs to be templatized and JAVA_HOME needs to be set to the java home being used for other services.
AMBARI-4994 BUG-13819 Jobs page: When "id" filter is applied, other filters do not work.
AMBARI-4988 BUG-14549 Quick link for storm should say "Storm UI"
AMBARI-4987 BUG-14489 Falcon: when installing Falcon, oozie-site.xml needs to set oozie.services.ext with JMS
AMBARI-4985 BUG-14555 Yarn Service check API returns with server-side exception in secure cluster
AMBARI-4981 BUG-14375 Cannot stop selected services via API
AMBARI-4978 BUG-14499 Storm Service Check failed for Mixed OS
AMBARI-4974 BUG-13595 DRPC Server Stop fails on step 5 of HA Wizard
AMBARI-4972 BUG-14421 Add generating Storm keytabs in csv to UI
AMBARI-4969 BUG-15055 Yarn metrics are missing from NODEMANAGER host component
AMBARI-4967 BUG-14379 Security wizard: Start all services call should wait for the result of Delete ATS component call
AMBARI-4892 BUG-14205 Storm REST API Server eventually goes into "STOPPED" state
AMBARI-4889 BUG-14049 Storm components cannot be started after failure
AMBARI-4860 BUG-14015 Falcon Service Check failed during install
AMBARI-4802 BUG-13900 Jobs: applying custom filter on jobs page is sending wrong request to server.
AMBARI-4783 BUG-13818 Storm: Incorrect value of storm.zookeeper.servers property after saving configs
AMBARI-4770 BUG-13644 Tez clients should be installed on Hive server and Hive client nodes
AMBARI-4749 BUG-13670 Supervisor install failure on retry installations
AMBARI-4745 BUG-13674 Value "storm.zookeeper.servers" not changing after adding new ZK server
AMBARI-4741 BUG-13532 Alerts for ATS Component
AMBARI-4711 BUG-13598 UI should read childopts for the server
AMBARI-4683 BUG-13431 Tez vertex status should be shown in DAG
AMBARI-4659 BUG-13416 Jobs start/end/duration values not showing up
AMBARI-4645 BUG-13432 Tez vertex start and end times should be shown
AMBARI-4644 BUG-13428 Tez DAG Edge label showing constants
AMBARI-4589 BUG-13111 Tez: Run Service Check link doesn't work
AMBARI-4534 BUG-13039 Add ability to delete individual DataNode, TaskTracker, NodeManager, and RegionServer from Host Details page
AMBARI-4523 BUG-13054 OS type checking differences between agent and server
AMBARI-4503 BUG-12600 MySQL fails to install on EC2, RHEL 6.4 AMI
AMBARI-4393 BUG-12548 Fix several bugs in Falcon python scripts