2.1. Moving from Nagios to Ambari Alerts

After upgrading to Ambari 2.0, the Nagios service will be removed from the cluster. The Nagios server and packages will remain on the existing installed host but Nagios itself is removed from Ambari management.


Nagios used the operating system sendmail utility to dispatch email alerts on changes. With Ambari Alerts, the email dispatch is handled from the Ambari Server via Javamail. Therefore, you must provide SMTP information to Ambari for sending email alerts. Have this information ready. You will use it after the Ambari 2.0 upgrade to get Ambari Alert email notifications configured in the new Ambari Alerts system.

The Ambari Alerts system is configured automatically to replace Nagios but you must:

  1. Configure email notifications in Ambari to handle dispatch of alerts. Browse to Ambari Web > Alerts.

  2. In the Actions menu, select Manage Notifications.

  3. Click to Create a new Notification. Enter information about the SMTP host, port to and from email addresses and select the Alerts to receive notifications.

  4. Click Save.


(Optional) Remove the Nagios packages (nagios, nagios-www) from the Nagios host.

For more information Ambari Alerts, see Managing Alerts in the Ambari User’s Guide.