Chapter 2. Upgrading the HDP Stack from 2.1 to 2.2

The HDP Stack is the coordinated set of Hadoop components that you have installed on hosts in your cluster. Your set of Hadoop components and hosts is unique to your cluster. Before upgrading the Stack on your cluster, review all Hadoop services and hosts in your cluster. For example, use the Hosts and Services views in Ambari Web, which summarize and list the components installed on each Ambari host, to determine the components installed on each host. For more information about using Ambari to view components in your cluster, see Working with Hosts, and Viewing Components on a Host.

Upgrading the HDP Stack is a three-step procedure:


If you plan to upgrade your existing JDK, do so after upgrading Ambari, before upgrading the Stack. The upgrade steps require that you remove HDP v2.1 components and install HDP v2.2.0 components.

As noted in that section, you should remove and install on each host, only the components on each host that you want to run on the HDP 2.2.0 stack. For example, if you want to run Storm or Falcon components on the HDP 2.2.0 stack, you will install those components and then configure their properties during the upgrade procedure.

In preparation for future HDP 2.2 releases to support rolling upgrades, the HDP RPM package version naming convention has changed to include the HDP 2.2 product version in file and directory names. HDP 2.2 marks the first release where HDP rpms, debs, and directories contain versions in the names to permit side-by-side installations of later HDP releases. To transition between previous releases and HDP 2.2, Hortonworks provides hdp-select, a script that symlinks your directories to hdp/current and lets you maintain using the same binary and configuration paths that you were using before.

The following instructions have you remove your older version HDP components, install hdp-select, and install HDP 2.2 components to prepare for rolling upgrade.


Use this procedure for upgrading from HDP 2.1 to any of the HDP 2.2 maintenance releases. For example, to HDP 2.2.4. The instructions in this document refer to HDP 2.2.x.x as a placeholder. To use an HDP 2.2.x.x maintenance release, be sure to replace 2.2.x.x in the following instructions with the appropriate maintenance version, such as for the HDP 2.2 GA release, or for an HDP 2.2 maintenance release.

Refer to the HDP documentation for the information about the latest HDP 2.2 maintenance releases.