2.4. Troubleshooting Non-Default Databases with Hive

Use these entries to help you troubleshoot any issues you might have installing Hive with non-default databases.

 2.4.1. Problem: Hive Metastore Install Fails Using Oracle

Check the install log:

cp /usr/share/java/${jdbc_jar_name} ${target}] has failures: true

The Oracle JDBC.jar file cannot be found. Solution

Make sure the file is in the appropriate directory on the Hive Metastore server and click Retry.

 2.4.2. Problem: Install Warning when "Hive Check Execute" Fails Using Oracle

Check the install log:

java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-01754: a table may contain only one column of type LONG

The Hive Metastore schema was not properly loaded into the database. Solution

Ignore the warning, and complete the install. Check your database to confirm the Hive Metastore schema is loaded. In the Ambari Web GUI, browse to Services > Hive. Choose Service Actions > Service Check to check that the schema is correctly in place.

 2.4.3. Problem: Hive Check Execute may fail after completing an Ambari upgrade to version 1.4.2

For secure and non-secure clusters, with Hive security authorization enabled, the Hive service check may fail. Hive security authorization may not be configured properly. Solution

Two workarounds are possible. Using Ambari Web, in HiveConfigsAdvanced:

  • Disable hive.security.authorization, by setting the hive.security.authorization.enabled value to false.


  • Properly configure Hive security authorization. For example, set the following properties:

    For more information about configuring Hive security, see Metastore Server Security in Hive Authorization and the HCatalog document Storage Based Authorization.

    Hive Security Authorization Settings









    Metastore Server SecurityHive AuthorizationStorage Based Authorization

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