Ambari User's Guide
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Accessing Grafana

You can access the Grafana UI as part of the Ambari Metrics System.

  1. In Ambari Web, browse to Services > Ambari Metrics > Summary.

  2. Select Quick Links and then choose Grafana.

  3. A new tab will open in your browser with the Grafana UI.


You have read-only access to Grafana. You will not be able to modify the pre-built dashboards or add new dashboards.




Provides information about HDFS performance and file activity. See HDFS Dashboards for more information.


Provides information about YARN application and queue activity. See YARN Dashboards for more information.


Provides information about HBase performance and file activity. See HBase Dashboards for more information.


Provides information about overall system performance and file activity. See System Dashboards for more information.