Ambari User's Guide
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Managing Stack and Versions

The Stack section includes information about the Services installed and available in the cluster Stack. Browse the list of Services and click Add Service to start the wizard to install Services into your cluster.

The Versions section shows what version of software is currently running and installed in the cluster. This section also exposes the capability to perform an automated cluster upgrade for maintenance and patch releases for the Stack. This capability is available for HDP 2.2 Stack only. If you have a cluster running HDP 2.2, you can perform Stack upgrades to later maintenance and patch releases. For example: you can upgrade from the GA release of HDP 2.2 (which is HDP to the first maintenance release of HDP 2.2 (which is HDP


For more details on upgrading from HDP to the latest HDP 2.2 maintenance release, see the Ambari Upgrade Guide.

The process for managing versions and performing an upgrade is comprised of three main steps:

  1. Register a Version into Ambari

  2. Install the Version into the Cluster

  3. Perform Upgrade to the New Version