6. Registering Remote Clusters

You might have clusters that are being managed by Ambari but are not “local” to your Ambari Server (meaning: those clusters are “remote” and are being managed by a “remote” Ambari Server).

In cases where you plan to run an Ambari Server Standalone for hosting views, and you plan to access clusters that are being managed by a different Ambari Server, you can register those clusters from the standalone Ambari server as Remote Clusters. Once you have a Remote Cluster registered, you can use that Remote Cluster for configuring view instances.

To register a remote cluster:

  1. Browse to Remote Clusters and click Register Remote Cluster.

  2. Enter a name for this cluster, the Ambari Cluster URL, a Cluster User and associated password.

  3. Click Save.

  4. The Remote Cluster is now available to be used when Configuring View Instances.