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Chapter 1. Understanding Ambari Views

Apache Ambari includes the Ambari Views Framework, which enables developers to create UI components, or Views, that “plug into” the Ambari Web interface. Ambari automatically creates and presents to users some instances of Views, if the service used by that View is added to the cluster. For example, if Apache YARN service is added to the cluster, the YARN Queue Manager View displays to Ambari web users. In other cases, the Ambari Admin user must manually create a view instance.

Developing and using Views enables you to extend and customize the Ambari web to meet your specific needs.

Using Views also extends your Ambari implementation to allow third parties to plug in new resource types, along with APIs, providers, and UIs to support them. Views are deployed on the Ambari Server, which enables Ambari Admins to create View instances and set access privileges for users and groups.

The following sections describe the basics of Views and how to deploy and manage View instances in Ambari:

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