Apache Ambari Administration
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Viewing the Ambari Admin Page

When you log in to Ambari, the Ambari Admin page displays links to the operations that you can perform. These operations are also available from the left navigation pane. If you have not created a cluster, you can launch the Apache Ambari Install Wizard to create one:

  • Clusters displays the current cluster name (if created), a link to rename your cluster, and a link to manage remote clusters.

  • Views enables you to create and edit instances of deployed views and to manage access permissions for those instances.

  • User + Group Management enables you to create and edit users and groups.

After you create a cluster, the Ambari Admin page displays links to additional operations you can perform to manage that cluster.

  • Versions enables you to manage the stack versions that are available for the clusters.

  • Roles enables you to add users and groups to roles having different permissions on the cluster.

  • Go To Dashboard enables you to manage and monitor your Hadoop cluster.

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