Apache Ambari Administration
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Install the New Ambari Server

  1. Install the new Ambari Server on the new host.

    yum install ambari-server
  2. Run setup the Ambari Server and setup similar to how the original Ambari Server is configured.

    ambari-server setup 
  3. Restart the PostgreSQL instance.

    service postgresql restart 
  4. Open the PostgreSQL interactive terminal.

    su - postgres
  5. Using the interactive terminal, drop the "ambari" database created by the new ambari setup and install.

    drop database ambari;
  6. Check to make sure the databases have been dropped. The "ambari" databases should not be listed.

  7. Create new "ambari" database to hold the transferred data.

    create database ambari;
  8. Exit the PostgreSQL interactive terminal.

  9. Copy the saved data (/tmp/dbdumps/ambari.sql) from Back up Current Data to the new Ambari Server host.

  10. Load the saved data into the new database.

    psql -d ambari -f /tmp/dbdumps/ambari.sql 
  11. Start the new Server.

    ambari-server start
  12. On each Agent host, start the Ambari Agent.

    ambari-agent start
  13. Open Ambari Web. Point your browser to:


The new Ambari Server is ready to use.