Apache Ambari Installation
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Start the Ambari Server

  • Run the following command on the Ambari Server host:

    ambari-server start
  • To check the Ambari Server processes:

    ambari-server status
  • To stop the Ambari Server:

    ambari-server stop

If you plan to use an existing database instance for Hive or for Oozie, you must prepare to use an existing database before installing your Hadoop cluster.

On Ambari Server start, Ambari runs a database consistency check looking for issues. If any issues are found, Ambari Server start will abort and display the following message: DB configs consistency check failed. Ambari writes more details about database consistency check results to the/var/log/ambari-server/ambari-server-check-database.log file.

You can force Ambari Server to start by skipping this check with the following option:

ambari-server start --skip-database-check

If you have database issues, by choosing to skip this check, do not make any changes to your cluster topology or perform a cluster upgrade until you correct the database consistency issues. Please contact Hortonworks Support and provide the ambari-server-check-database.log output for assistance.

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