Apache Ambari Installation
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Memory Requirements

The Ambari host should have at least 1 GB RAM, with 500 MB free.

To check available memory on any host, run:

free -m

If you plan to install the Ambari Metrics Service (AMS) into your cluster, you should review Using Ambari Metrics in Hortonworks Data Platform Apache Ambari Operations, for guidelines on resources requirements. In general, the host you plan to run the Ambari Metrics Collector host should have the following memory and disk space available based on cluster size:

Number of hostsMemory AvailableDisk Space
11024 MB10 GB
101024 MB20 GB
502048 MB50 GB
1004096 MB100 GB
3004096 MB100 GB
5008096 MB200 GB
100012288 MB200 GB
200016384 MB500 GB

Use these values as guidelines. Be sure to test them for your specific environment.