Administering Ambari Views
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Ambari Views terminology

The following are Views terms you should be familiar with:
Views framework
The core framework that is used to develop a View: similar to a Java web application.
View definition
The View resources and core View properties, such as name, version, and any necessary configuration properties. Ambari reads View definition during deployment.
View package
A bundle of View client and server assets (and dependencies) that is ready to deploy to Ambari.
View deployment
The process of instantiating a View instance in Ambari, which makes that View available to Ambari Admins for creating instances.
View name
The unique identifier for a View. A View can have one or more versions. The name is defined in the View Definition (created by the View Developer) and built into the View Package.
View version
The uniquely named version of a View. Multiple versions of a View (uniquely identified by View name) can be deployed to Ambari.
View instance
The instantiation of a specific View version. Instances are created and configured by Ambari Admins and must have a unique View instance name.
View instance name
The unique identifier of a specific instance of a View.
framework services
View context, instance data, configuration properties, and events