Administering Ambari Views
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Create an Ambari View instance

To create a View instance:

  1. On the Ambari Admin page, browse to a View and expand it.
  2. Click Create Instance.
  3. Provide the following information:
    Table 1. Required and Optional Elements for a View
    Item Required? Description
    View version Yes Exact version to instantiate
    Instance name Yes Name unique to the selected View
    Display label Yes Readable display name of the View instance in Ambari Web
    Description Yes Readable description of the View instance in Ambari Web
    Visible No

    Whether the View is visible or not visible to the end-user in Ambari Web

    Use this property to temporarily hide a view from users.

    Settings Maybe

    Depending on the View, a group of settings that can be customized

    If a setting is required, you are prompted to provide the required information.

    Cluster configuration Maybe Depending on the View, you can choose a local or remote cluster, or manually configure a custom View.
If Ambari has a cluster configured that will work with the View instance, then the choice of Local Cluster will be available. If you have registered one or more Remote Clusters, then the choice of Remote Cluster will also be available. If neither local or remote clusters are available, you will have to enter the Custom configuration manually.