Apache Ambari Major Upgrade
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Chapter 1. Upgrading Ambari and HDP

We encourage our customers to deploy HDP 3.1 in production using one of two options:

  1. Deploy a fresh HDP 3.1 cluster and migrate existing data using Data Lifecycle Manager or distributed copy (distcp).

  2. Perform an in-place upgrade of an existing HDP 2.6.x cluster.

Please reach out to your Hortonworks account team to participate in our Limited Upgrade Program. For in-place upgrades, we want to work with you very closely to ensure your cluster is ready and meets all the criteria to be successful.

As part of the planning exercise to upgrade to HDP 3.1, please consult the Hortonworks Support Matrix to ensure the Hortonworks products you are currently using are certified to work with HDP 3.1. Also, consult with your third-party software providers to ensure the products you're integrating with HDP are certified to work with HDP 3.1.


Not all Management Packs are currently compatible with HDP 3.1. Hortonworks Support can help you assess the feasibility of your upgrade if you have Management Packs other than HDF installed.

Ambari and the stack managed by Ambari can be upgraded independently. Use the Ambari-2.7.3 Major Upgrade Guide to upgrade Ambari- to Ambari-2.7.3. Then, use Ambari-2.7.3 to upgrade HDP-2.6.x to HDP-3.1.0.


Ambari 2.7.3 only supports fully managing a HDP 3.1.x cluster. Not all cluster management operations are supported when using Ambari 2.7.3 with HDP 2.6. Please see Changes to Services and Views for limitations.

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Getting Ready to Upgrade Ambari and HDP

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Changes to Services and Views

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