Apache Ambari Major Upgrade
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Backing up Ambari Infra Data & Migrating Atlas Data

In Ambari 2.7, Ambari Infra Solr uses Solr 7. In order for data stored in the existing Solr 5 implementation used by Ambari 2.6, the data stored in Ambari Infra must be backed up and the Ambari Infra Solr services must be upgraded. The next section will walk you through steps to both back up the data stored in Ambari Infra, upgrade the Ambari Infra components. The backed up data will be migrated and restored after the HDP upgrade is complete.

In HDP 3.0 Atlas data must be migrated from one graph implementation to another. This requires backing up the Atlas graph data before the HDP upgrade, so that it can be automatically migrated during the HDP upgrade process. The next sections will outline the steps required to backup and configure Atlas for this migration process.

Next Steps

Back up and Upgrade Ambari Infra and Ambari Log Search