Configuring Specific Ambari Views
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Set up HDFS user directory for Workflow Manager View

You must set up a directory for each user that accesses the Workflow Manager View.

Workflow Manager View stores user metadata in the user directory in HDFS. By default, the location in HDFS for the user directory is /user/[USER_NAME], where [USER_NAME] is the user name of the currently logged in user that is accessing Workflow Manager View.
Since many users leverage the default Ambari admin user for getting started with Ambari, you should create a /user/admin directory if one does not exist, in addition to directories for other Workflow Manager View users.
  1. Connect to a host in the cluster that includes the HDFS client.
  2. Switch to the HDFS system account user.
    su - hdfs
  3. If working on a secure Kerberos cluster.
    1. Destroy any existing Kerberos tickets.
      If no ticket is found, you get an error message that you can ignore: No credentials cache file found while destroying cache.
    2. Obtain a Kerberos ticket-granting ticket.
      kinit -kt /etc/security/keytabs/hdfs.headless.keytab hdfs
  4. Using the HDFS client, make an HDFS directory for the user.
    For example, if your username is wfmadmin, you would create the following directory: hadoop fs -mkdir /user/wfmadmin
  5. Set the ownership on the newly created directory.
    For example, if your username is wfmadmin, the directory owner should be wfmadmin:hadoop.
    hadoop fs -chown wfmadmin:hadoop /user/wfmadmin
  6. Log in as root user.
    su -
  7. Access the Kerberos administration system.
  8. Create a new principal and password for the user.
    addprinc -pw [wfmadmin-password] wfmadmin@EXAMPLE.COM
    You can use the same user name and password that you used for HDFS directory.
Repeat steps 2 through 8 for any additional Workflow Manager View users.