Configuring Specific Ambari Views
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Set up Kerberos for Files View

Reguirements for operating Files View in a Kerberized cluster.

Set up Kerberos for Ambari by configuring the Ambari Server daemon with a Kerberos principal and keytab.
In Files View > Settings, enter the following properties:
Table 1. Kerberos Settings for Files View
Property Description Example Value
WebHDFS Username This is the username the view will access HDFS as. Leave this default value intact to represent the authenticated view user. ${username}
WebHDFS Authorization This is the semicolon-separated authentication configuration for WebHDFS access.


**This property is only needed if the view is Custom Configured or Ambari Server is Kerberized before 2.4.0.

With a Kerberos setup, the proxy user setting should be the primary value of the Kerberos principal for Ambari Server. For example, if you configured Ambari Server for Kerberos principal ambari-server@EXAMPLE.COM, this value would be ambari-server.