Apache Ambari Major Upgrade
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Starting Oozie server

To start the Oozie server when upgrading from HDP-3.1.x to HDP-3.1.4 or later:

  1. When you are installing the new stack (4.3 Install Target Version), click Install Package (bigtop-tomcat package is updated).

  2. Downgrade bigtop-tomcat. For RHEL/CentOS, run yum downgrade bigtop-tomcat. For SuSE, run zypper install --oldpackage bigtop-tomcat-6.0.48-1.noarch

  3. Start oozie-server.

  4. During the HDP upgrade, upgrade the bigtop-tomcat package manually. Yum upgrade bigtop-tomcat Otherwise, the HDP upgrade will fail.