Creating a Cluster on OpenStack
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Ambari repo specification

On the Image Settings page of the advanced create cluster wizard, under Ambari Repo Specification, you can specify a custom version of Ambari.

By default, Cloudbreak uses the included prewarmed images with default Ambari and HDP/HDF version. If you would like to use a custom Ambari version:

1. Under Choose image type, select to use the base image.

2. Next, provide the following information under Ambari repo specification:

Parameter Description Notes Example
Version Enter Ambari version.
Repo Url

Provide a URL to the Ambari version repo that you would like to use. You can obtain this URL from Ambari installation documentation.
Repo Gpg Key Url Provide a URL to the repo GPG key. Each stable RPM package that is published by CentOS Project is signed with a GPG signature. By default, yum and the graphical update tools will verify these signatures and refuse to install any packages that are not signed, or have an incorrect signature.