Cloudbreak Deployment Options
Also available as:

Quickstart option for Azure

The quickstart option on Azure allows you to instantiate Cloudbreak quickly from Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template.

On Azure, resources are organized by using resource groups. When you launch Cloudbreak, you may either select to use an existing resource group or a new resource group is created. The following Azure resources are provisioned within the selected resource group:

  • Virtual network (VNet) securely connects Azure resources to each other. You may either launch Cloudbreak into an existing VPC, or a new VPC is created and added to the resource group.
  • Network security group (NSG) defines inbound and outbound security rules, which control network traffic flow.
  • Virtual machine runs Cloudbreak. Based on the ARM template, Azure automatically provisions a new VM that runs CentOS 7, installs Docker, and launches Cloudbreak.
  • Public IP address is assigned to your VM so that it can communicate with other Azure resources.
  • Network interface (NIC) attached to the VM provides the interconnection between the VM and the underlying software network.
  • Blob storage container is created to store Cloudbreak Deployer OS disk’s data.