Cloudbreak Deployment Options
Also available as:

Quickstart option for GCP

The quickstart option on Google Cloud Platform allows you to instantiate Cloudbreak quickly from the Cloud Deployment Manager template.

Based on the Cloud Deployment Manager template, GCP automatically provisions a new VM that runs CentOS 7, installs Docker, and launches Cloudbreak. The following resources are provisioned on you GCP account:

  • Network
  • Subnetwork (subnet)
  • Route (routing table)
  • Firewall
  • VM instance
  • Config
  • Config waiter

The config and config waiter are scripts used for deploying Cloudbreak. The startup config script is watched by the waiter script and updated when the deployment in up and running or if it failed to start. The startup waiter script keeps the deployment “in-progress” until the startup script that’s running on the created machine update the cbd-deployment-startup-config value to “success” or “failed”.