Managing Clusters
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Create a scaling policy

After enabling autoscaling and creating at least one alert, perform the following steps to create a scaling policy.


  1. In the Policy Configuration section, provide the following information:
    Parameter Description
    Enter policy name Enter a unique name for the policy.
    Select action Select one of the following actions: Add (to add nodes to a host group) Remove (to delete nodes from a host group), or Set (to set the number of nodes in a host group to the chosen number).
    Enter number or percentage Enter a number defining how many or what percentage of nodes to add or remove. If the action selected is “set”, this defines the number of nodes that a host group will be set to after scaling.
    Select nodes of percent Select “nodes” or “percent”, depending on whether you want to scale to a specific number, or percent of current number of nodes.
    Select host group Select the host group to which to apply the scaling.
    Choose an alert Select the alert based on which the scaling should be applied.
  2. Click + to save the alert.