Working with Data Lakes (TP)
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Performing manual HA data lake recovery

When auto repair is not enabled, in case of a node failure, you must perform manual repair.

If on the Hardware and Storage page you did not select to Enable Auto Recovery, you must perform a manual recovery when a data lake host goes down.

Manual repair from web UI

When host-level failures are detected on worker or compute nodes, the following message is displayed on the cluster tile:

The cluster has unhealthy nodes
In addition, a message similar to the following is written to the EVENT HISTORY, and the status of the node changes from green to red:
Manual recovery is needed for the following node...

To trigger manual repair, navigate to the cluster details and select Repair from the Actions menu:

Manual repair from CLI

You can perform similar steps in CLI by using the following CLI commands:

  • cb cluster list – Allows you to check the status and health of your clusters
  • cb cluster describe – Allows you to check the status and health of a specific cluster

  • cb cluster repair – Perform cluster repair