Creating a Cluster on Azure
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Ambari repo specification

You can specify a custom version of Ambari on the "Image Settings" page of the advanced create cluster wizard, under "Ambari Repo Specification".

By default, Cloudbreak uses the included prewarmed images with default Ambari and HDP/HDF version. If you would like to use a custom Ambari version:
  1. In create cluster wizard, click on Advanced.
  2. Navigate to the Image Settings page.
  3. Under Choose image type, select to use a base image.

    It is important that you select a base image. If you select a prewarmed image, you cannot customize the repo.

  4. Provide the following information under Ambari repo specification:
Parameter Description Notes Example
Version Enter Ambari version.
Repo Url

Provide a URL to the Ambari version repo that you would like to use. You can obtain this URL from Ambari installation documentation.
Repo Gpg Key Url Provide a URL to the repo GPG key. Each stable RPM package that is published by CentOS Project is signed with a GPG signature. By default, yum and the graphical update tools will verify these signatures and refuse to install any packages that are not signed, or have an incorrect signature.