Creating a Cluster on Azure
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Creating HDF Messaging Management clusters

When creating a Messaging Management cluster from the default blueprint, make sure to follow these guidelines.

External database for Schema Registry

If Schema Registry is included in your blueprint, you must:

  1. Set up an external MySQL instance prior to cluster installation.

    Only a MySQL database can be used. Other database types are not supported.

  2. Access the instance by using MySQL Workbench or some other tool, and prepare it as described in Configuring SAM and Schema Registry Metadata Stores in MySQL.
  3. Register the external database in Cloudbreak web UI under External Sources > Configure Databases prior to cluster installation. Make sure to select "Registry" under Type. For instructions, refer to Register an external database.
  4. During cluster installation, navigate to the External Sources page of the advanced cluster wizard and attach the database.


When creating a cluster, open 3000 TCP port on the Services host group for Grafana.

If Schema Registry is included, also open TCP ports 7788 and 7789 on the Services host group to ensure access to Schema Registry from the browser.

Scaling and autoscaling

Adding nodes to the host group including Kafka broker (via resizing or autoscaling) is not supported. Nevertheless, it can be achieved by using the following workaround: After scaling the host group, use Ambari to add Kafka broker to each newly added node.